Marine Batteries

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From the No Wake Zone to the Open Ocean

Boats require a lot of power. Most boats have two batteries to operate smoothly:

  • Starting Battery
  • Deep Cycle Battery 

Starting batteries supply the burst of energy needed to start the engines while deep cycle batteries supply constant power to run all other onboard electronics and boating operations. Both batteries have to withstand harsh conditions and rugged use in the water, so a good marine battery is built to last in these conditions.

Featured Marine Lineup 

Check out this featured lineup by Crown Battery. These marine batteries are built for power and reliability, so you can focus on the fun of being out on the water. 

Marine Severe Duty Batteries

Crown Battery

Reliable starting power with extended RC to handle challenging reserve power applications (dual-purpose battery).


Marine Starting Batteries

Crown Battery

Our starting batteries provide power to start small to large engines and meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications.


CROWN1™ Severe Duty AGM Batteries 

Crown Battery

Designed to deliver the CCA, power, and specs required by highly specialized, next-generation marine motors.


Marine Deep Cycle Batteries

Crown Battery

Pure performance with exceptional long distance run-times for your onboard electronics keeping your time out on the water smooth!

Available Marine Accessories

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Battery Terminals

Battery Boxes & Trays


Jump Packs

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